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Convention Centre Freight & Logistics


Who is Agility and what do they do?


ICC Sydney delivers extraordinary experiences for its clients, delegates and guests. Continuing to add to its world class service offerings, the venue has appointed Agility Fairs & Events Logistics as the in house logistics and freight supplier for its Convention Centre building.

Agility Fairs & Events Logistics (Agility) is a specialised business handling and managing shipments and event logistics for fairs and events around the world. As Australia’s largest supplier of event logistics services, the Agility team handles approximately 500 exhibitions, roadshows and events each year and equally as many internationally.

As the appointed in house logistics and freight supplier for ICC Sydney’s Convention Centre building, Agility offers the following services:

  • all local, interstate and international transport services
  • storage of early consignments, packing materials during the event, as well as storage post event
  • for international exhibitors, a comprehensive international freight forwarding service tailored to individual requirements
  • porterage and materials-handling service within the Convention Centre.

Agility is available to make freight forwarding as easy as possible. The goal is to ensure a great move in and out experience.

What are the benefits of using the services of Agility?


If using Agility, organisers will be entitled to:

  • Ease of move in and move out.
  • Organiser deliveries accepted two (2) business days in advance (does not include weekends).
  • Complimentary of up to two (2) x standard pallets of organiser goods from the loading dock to the contracted space in the Convention Centre.
  • Complimentary management of delivery schedules using the ICC Sydney’s Loading Dock Management System (LDMS).
  • Deliveries actioned 24/7 because Agility do work outside of normal business hours, supported by an onsite team. However, any work outside normal business hours are by prior arrangement only.

Who at Agility can we direct our enquiries to?


Queries for event and exhibition services are to be directed to:

Brendan Gow, New South Wales General Manager: Tel: +61 2 8755 8899 / Email:

Managing all onsite services is David Gravolin, Venue Liaison Manager: Email:

What are Agility hours of operation?


Normal hours of operations are Monday–Saturday, 0700-1700. Surcharges will apply outside these hours.

What is the size of a standard pallet?


A standard pallet size is considered to be 1.2mL x 1.2mW x 1.6mH / 500 kg.

As an indicator, one (1) pallet can accommodate approximately 16–20 boxes (box dimension: 50cm x 50cm x 40cm). For organisers in the Convention Centre, Agility offers complimentary porterage services for two (2) x standard pallets of goods.

Can an organiser use their own freight and logistics forwarder?


Yes, an organiser can use their own freight forwarder for delivery to the Convention Centre Loading Dock only. Beyond the dock, Agility will then transfer the items to the contracted space. Porterage charges will apply for delivering freight to the contracted spaces.

Agility has arrangements with other freight forwarders on how they work collaboratively.

What are the rates for Agility services?


Agility does not present clients with a generic tariff. Rather, each quote is tailored to that client’s particular requirements.

What are the porterage rates?


Porterage rates are $43.00 inc GST per hour (minimum four hours) / Mon-Sat / 0700-1700. For rates outside these times, please contact Agility for a tailored quote.

In the interest of safety, security and care for the building, there is a requirement for porterage services anytime exhibitor goods require movement and handling from the dock to the contracted spaces. Only ICC Sydney or Agility staff can provide porterage services in the Convention Centre.

What do I do if I don't have a freight forwarder?


There are a number of options for delivering freight to ICC Sydney. These are:

  • Engage the services of Agility for transport and handling of event items.
  • Self-delivery with a car or van. Guests can access the loading dock for a maximum of 15 minutes to drop ff their goods. At the Convention Centre loading dock, transfer of goods from the dock to the area is then handled by Agility. Costs for this porterage service are applicable.
  • The services of a courier, whereby all arrangements must be made by the guest with their chosen carrier.

All deliveries without a freight forwarder or who do not engage the services of Agility are to schedule their deliveries with ICC Sydney’s Loading Dock Management System. Please note: ICC Sydney is currently transitioning to a new Loading Dock Management System. For any enquiries on loading dock bookings requests or appointments please contact or your Event Planner.

How do I book a delivery?


ICC Sydney is currently transitioning to a new Loading Dock Management System.
For any enquiries on loading dock bookings requests or appointments please contact or your Event Planner.

What if I have multiple deliveries?


Multiple deliveries can be accommodated, however, it is recommended to consolidate items where possible for a single delivery. This is done to minimise the risk of items being misplaced and most likely is more cost effective. Agility has a number of logistics models available and can provide a quote for pre-event services including consolidation and delivery.

When making a delivery can I park my car in the loading dock?


The loading docks are NO PARKING zones. Deliveries can be unloaded for up to 15 minutes, however, the driver must stay with the vehicle. Once deliveries are unloaded, the vehicle must leave the loading dock.

There are two car parks within ICC Sydney, including Car Park 1 at the Exhibition Centre and Car Park 2 at ICC Sydney Theatre, which can be used for parking. Please note a parking fee applies.

As an exhibitor, or an exhibitor's supplier, can I take my items directly to my stand?


Exhibitors can deliver items to the loading dock only and Agility will then deliver the items to the allocated stand / room via the porterage service at a cost.

What happens if I do not schedule my delivery/courier


All deliveries within the Convention Centre should be scheduled. Unscheduled deliveries will not be accepted.

What happens with Conventions in the Exhibition Centre?


Any activity within the Exhibition Centre will be treated separately to the Convention Centre. Agility will contact clients to discuss pricing, requirements and offer a wider service.

PLEASE NOTE: The porterage of two (2) x standard pallets of organiser goods from the loading dock to the contracted event location does not apply to conventions in the exhibition centre and additional costs will be incurred for this service.

What happens if the event comes to the Convention Centre and then has an Exhibition Centre component?


For any works within the Exhibition Centre, Agility can provide a full suite of services.

Feel free to contact Agility directly to discuss your particular event requirements.

What happens with standalone functions?


Standalone events (not associated with conventions or exhibitions) engage porterage services to have their goods delivered to specific rooms, if required. A schedule for these deliveries will be required.

Can event suppliers servicing a banquet in the Convention Centre Deliver Event-related items directly to the room?


Yes, audio visual production companies, theming companies and florists can deliver event related items directly to the contracted space. These suppliers will be will be escorted by Agility or ICC Sydney Security to the room.

Suppliers can drop their deliveries and go. If they need to set up, e.g. florists can drop off their items and park their car in the car park then collect their items to take up to the allocated space-suppliers are only allocated 15 minutes in the loading dock.

What is the process of removal of goods post event?


At the conclusion of the event, all goods must be removed from the room by end of tenancy, with no exceptions. It is strongly recommended that event organisers, exhibitors and guests make arrangements in advance with their freight and logistics company for collection of goods-especially if the event bumps out after hours or over a weekend. Please select your logistics provider wisely as most couriers do not operate on weekends or after 1700.

What will happen to my leftover items?


For non-Agility clients, ICC Sydney will store any leftover items for two (2) business days following an event. If these items are not picked up on the third day, the items will be transported to the Agility Depot and the client will incur a fee to have these retrieved. Agility clients are serviced in line with direct arrangements.

How many warehouses does Agility have?


Agility operates two warehouses in Sydney: Milperra (Fairs and Events) and Matraville (Int’l Freight forwarding).

Around the country, Agility has eight warehouses in total providing a national service.