Exhibition Centre - Hall 7 ​

Open from 22 November 2021 – for a limited time only!

“Experience space exploration like never before”

M Live presents Neighbourhood Earth, an award winning, multi sensory, immersive space experience. Combining cutting edge technology with the latest in science, Neighbourhood Earth tells the story of space exploration like never before! With civilian space travel now a reality and new NASA missions planned to the Moon and to Mars, Neighbourhood Earth taps into our desire to travel to a whole new world.

Neighbourhood Earth​

Developed by NEC Partners, in conjunction with the U.S Space & Rocket Center and NASA’s George C. Marshall, audiences will be transported away into space through a multi-sensory cinematic environment. Guests will travel across the solar system and come face-to-face with Mars sunsets, Venus lightning storms and the surface of Jupiter. Museum quality models, spacecrafts, tools, and astronaut suits will showcase the facts, stories  and achievements behind space exploration and its future.

Guests can also get hands on with fun and engaging interactive learning activities, holographics, touch sensing projections and building games!

Neighbourhood Earth is an exhibition that not only encourages you to leave the house, but the planet, in an experience that can only be...experienced. Explore our solar system, stimulate the senses and open the mind.

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