Kadim Al Sahir​

Kadim Al Sahir is making a stop in Australia after a long awaited 6 years on his world tour and will be performing in Darling Harbour Theatre, ICC Sydney on May 27 & 28 2022. The Australian tour follows his USA and Canada Tour earlier this year, during which he performed in Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Toronto and many more.

Kadim Al Sahir is an Iraqi singer, composer and songwriter. He has been popularly dubbed The Caesar of Arabic songs and Iraq’s Ambassador to the world. He typically performs with an orchestra of 20 to 30 musicians on Arabic percussion, oud qanun, nay and a full complement of strings. While some of his work makes use of electronic musical sounds, he avoids the use of synthesizers to imitate acoustic instruments. His work frequently features Iraqi folk instruments, rhythms, and melodies.

Event Information

Doors: 8.00pm
Event Start: 9.00pm


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