Live from ICC Sydney Studios

4 June 2020

Stand Tall

This year the Stand Tall event, the largest youth wellbeing event in Australia, will be streamed live to thousands of high school students across the nation from the ICC Sydney Studios on 4 June.
Stand Tall, a not-for-profit event, was established to directly address the increasingly high incidence of mental health issues in young people, with one in four secondary students suffering from significant psychological problems.
Stand Tall is traditionally a one-day annual event at the International Convention Centre in Sydney that brings together thousands of secondary students, inspiring them to change the course of their lives and build hope for the future.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions this life-changing event is now online and accessible to ALL secondary students across Australia - FREE OF CHARGE.
This four-hour online event on June 4 can be watched by students during that school day from 9:30am or at a later date. All participating schools will receive access to a recording of the event to use for PDHPE and well-being classes over 2 weeks. 
Sadly 55% of secondary students in Australia don't have any hope for the future (Source: Gallup Poll 2016). Stand Tall has brought hope, resilience and a brighter future to thousands, with over 16,000 students attending the event since its inception in 2013 and more than 65 schools bringing students back to the event each year.
Given Australia’s summer of natural disasters, and as the whole community now faces wide-reaching health and economic challenges, it’s vital that strong messages of self-belief and hope are delivered effectively to young people, building their mental strength to overcome adversity.