20 February 2020

PushPeak Summit 2020

Spend a day with the Wolf of Wallstreet at…The Greatest Sales And Networking Event of 2020
The Life You Want, The Business You Want - The Freedom You Deserve, comes down to…

Your Ability To Close The Deal…
It doesn’t matter whether you want to generate more leads, ace a meeting, take control of a sales situation or have the confidence to close a deal - you'll be learning everything you need to know including… 

How to Prospect Like a Pro, and Fill Your Pipeline
  • How to approach high paying clients to sell your services to them (almost everyone does this completely wrong, and it immediately puts you on the back foot)
  • Exactly what to say when somebody asks… “so what do you do?” at a networking event (to ensure you get your story across with impact, and stand out from the crowd. 
  • What you must do immediately if you’re looking to push into a new market (such as switching your focus from SME’s to Enterprise and Government clients)
  • The secret to planning out your day, week and month to maximise the number of sales opportunities in your pipeline (traditional time management techniques rob you of this ability - but this technique can as much as double your potential, even if your sales skills remained the same)