Investments and Improvements

10 December 2019

ICC Sydney’s philosophy of constant improvements has led to the implementation of a number of changes across our event spaces. The changes implemented and available in 2020 are as follows:
  • A substantial improvement in access to power across Parkside Ballroom provides you more opportunity to tailor your events to include food and beverage activations and bespoke exhibitions or setups.​
  • Better cable management in Parkside Ballroom will reduce visibility of cables to improve the overall aesthetic.
  • Increased power supply within our Exhibition Halls provide better access and amps for your events. Cost may apply.
  • The reconfiguration of the convention centre ground level registration desk provides two private, dedicated areas, and access points for our event organisers.
  • Custom built registration desks for client use now available and include wireless power, USB-C, USB-A, lockable cupboards and a registration sign. These are ideal for small to medium sized events in Convention Centre level two and three. 
  • Our fixed, charging and power connected tables are now available across Convention Centre foyers for ad-hoc networking opportunities. Note, these are fixed furniture and not for hire.
Image: KENO welcome party. Styling by THIS SPACE.
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