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frequently asked questions

Project delivery

Is the construction on time?


ICC Sydney opened on 20 December 2016 and was preceded by an intensive three month period of testing, training and commissioning by the ICC Sydney team.

This included undertaking a substantial number of test events to ensure the venue was fully functioning to world class standards from the opening date. We will continue to regularly update all clients on any further developments post the construction period.

Why demolish & rebuild?


The former convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities at Darling Harbour had served Sydney since the 1980s. Sydney needed to respond to the substantial improvement in the standard of equivalent facilities in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

As well as a larger, more flexible and better connected venue, the modernisation of the venue allows for a precinct-wide upgrade that both delegates and locals will benefit from. The venue is now easier to access for both event organisers and visitors, and is better integrated within its increasingly dynamic community.  Moving the theatre on-site and the arrival of a new city neighbourhood with offices, residential, student housing, restaurants and cafes means that the area will remain active throughout the year and visitors will receive a more authentic Sydney experience as they integrate with Sydney-siders during their stay.