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intellectual capital

Financial Services »


Finance and business service companies choose Sydney because it is one of the best performing financial centres in Asia and offers an excellent regulatory environment. Sydney is recognised around the world as a major financial centre.

Creative and Media Industries »

Creative and media

Employment across the creative industries is growing at nearly double the rate of other industries in NSW. Sydney is a world class centre for digital animation and computer-generated-imagery. Oscar and BAFTA-Award winning Happy Feet for example was animated by local digital.

Digital Economy »


Sydney is the capital of Australia's ICT industry with most regional headquarters operating in the city, including Google, IBM Global Switch, Atlassian and Optus.

Medical And Scientific Research »


Sydney research institutions demonstrate how industry, universities and government can work together to advance capabilities, produce and technologies. Over $6 billion is spent each year on research by businesses across the State of NSW.

education »


The city’s leading universities, including the University of Sydney, University of NSW, University of Technology Sydney, Macquarie University and the University of Western Sydney, undertake cutting edge research across a diverse range of fields.