The Darling Harbour public art program sought to communicate, educate and engage the public. All artists were provided with extensive information on the site and its history, including heritage interpretation strategy. Artists were selected following consideration of their works and their response to a particular aspect of the site.

Ryoji Ikeda

Data.scape, 2016 LED screen, computers, loudspeakers 9,600 x 400 cm

Computer programming: the Tokuyama Tomonaga and Ryoji Ikeda Studio Two videos, The Universe in the evening and DNA during daytime

Location: Opposite Tumbalong Park, this artwok can be found on Moriarty Walk, between the Exhibition Centre and Aware Super Theatre

Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Sandstone Pollen, 2016 Electron microscope scans of pollen, robotic stone carvings from 3D CAD models, hand finished 11 sandstone sculptures and 1 white onyx sculpture.

Pollens represented in Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s stone sculptures include mint microfossil pollen, eucalyptus microfossil pollen, grevillea microfossil pollen, dandelion microfossil pollen, acacia microfossil pollen, grey mangrove microfossil pollen, banksia microfossil pollen, swamp Heath microfossil pollen and wattle microfossil pollen.

Location: Tumbalong Boulevard outside Exhibition Centre

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