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“I think the staff at ICC are all incredibly professional and passionate about this exciting project, which makes us as event planners feel the same way. They are all very knowledgeable and across every detail of the development, which gives me confidence in the space and the detail in which they will look after our events.”

Lauren Hayward, General Manager
Forum Group Events

“SIBOS is quite a demanding event – across catering, IT and the overall infrastructure of the venue. After discussions with AEG Ogden, the management team of ICC Sydney, we were truly impressed. We felt they understood us and our event and came up with bright ideas to allow us to further develop the show. They showed us marketing material, like the fly-through and the model and we really felt that we were in the right hands to deliver the top event that SIBOS is.”

Sven Bossu, Head of SIBOS

“It was essential that we had a venue that would live up to the vision of our conference, where we would discuss how microscopy can play a role in helping people confront some of the big challenges ahead of us – health, energy security, food security – and could also respond to our technical capabilities that we require. ICC Sydney fulfilled and played a role in both of those things. Firstly, it’s an amazing venue and secondly it can stand up to the rigors of what’s required to have electron-microscopes, co-focal microscopes and various sorts of spectrometers.”

Professor Simon Ringer, Executive Director and CEO
Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF)