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Hybrid Event Solutions

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ICC Sydney’s Hybrid Event Solutions allow you to bring your event to life with the flexibility of hosting your audience onsite, while streaming live to your online audience in a virtual format.
Our Event Services, Audio Visual (AV) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teams will work hand in hand to transform your event. We also offer an end to end solution with the introduction of our virtual event platform – ICC Sydney Connect. Clients can now broadcast their events from ICC Sydney venue spaces, utilising our in-house AV and ICT expertise all presented via the ICC Sydney Connect platform. 

Together with our dedicated team of creative, skilled professionals and best in class technology we will be there to support your vision and deliver a seamless event experience, for both your audience here and anywhere in the world.


Hybrid Event Solutions

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Our in house AV and ICT departments have the skills and expertise to support your vision, no matter how complex it is.

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