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ICC Sydney believes that good food is critical to human performance. Guided by our culinary philosophy, Feeding Your Performance, ICC Sydney’s in-house food and beverage team prepares cuisine that allows your guests to get the most out themselves, and your events.

But smart, healthy eating doesn’t come at the cost of taste and satisfaction. Our chefs create sumptuous dishes that showcase the very best of New South Wales produce and take guests on a gastronomic tour of our region. With some of Australia’s finest meats, fruit and vegetables, and dairy products hailing from our region we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to quality ingredients.


Smart, healthy eating doesn’t come at the cost of taste and satisfaction

Meet the inspiring team bringing world class cuisine to ICC Sydney and committed to delivering superior quality dishes that feed both the body and the mind.

Discover ICC Sydney's ingredients for success, as the culinary team unlock the science behind ingredients using fresh, local and seasonal produce.