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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Committed to cultivating a powerful legacy for the events it hosts, ICC Sydney’s multi-streamed Event Legacy Program is designed to connect your event with a diverse cross-section of Sydney’s vibrant community. The program fosters knowledge exchange, collaboration and engagement across four key streams – Innovators and Entrepreneurs, Generation Next, First Australians and Sustainable Events – providing you with an opportunity to connect with local communities through dedicated initiatives.

First Australians

In acknowledging and exploring First Nations culture and heritage, ICC Sydney is investing in a number of initiatives to connect clients and delegates with local Aboriginal businesses, suppliers and organisations. Facilitating engagement with Aboriginal groups who are integrated within local communities drives social and economic impact for those groups, whilst ensuring a memorable event experience for visitors and guests.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Tapping into local innovation hubs, entrepreneurial networks and research fellows, ICC Sydney is providing a platform to showcase Sydney’s vibrant startup and innovators community. Building innovation.

Generation Next

Industry events provide an avenue through which the next generation of thought-leaders and academics can be fostered and encouraged. Connecting with a broad network of local universities and tertiary institutions, ICC Sydney provides opportunities to engage students in events and promote industry exposure.